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A Health Conscious New Year

Now days, each New Year brings with it a clarion call to change our ways for the better! Every year, many people make the same resolutions over and over again. Only to discard them at the soonest opportunity. I know I’ve been there 🙂

Health goals always top the list. But with a year like we just went through (2020!), I am not surprised that health is on everyone’s mind. Health goals are a great idea, but as the experts say, to meet those goals you have to have manageable steps. Define what you want to be able to do and then set small goals to reach it. You want to be able to be more flexible? Maybe start each morning by stretching until you can put your hands on the floor in front of your feet when you bend over.

And if you think that this is only the first or second generation that has been concerned about health and how to be healthy, you’d be wrong! Almost every generation before us has been concerned with health and how to stay and be healthy every day. Our health is important and a gift to be treasured.

The interesting thing about health is that the definition of what to do to stay health is constantly changing. Some of the ideas of what our ancestors thought would keep or make them healthy are silly to our minds now or even downright dangerous! Ideas and practices like bloodletting, not bathing frequently and using terrible chemicals like arsenic and lye were often common place.

And yet, at the same time, I think we have lost a lot of valuable wisdom from our ancestors too on how to keep ourselves healthy and enjoy life!

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