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A Living Piece of History

I am fully convinced that if there is anything that is a living piece of history today, it is a cookbook. Cookbooks offer such interesting tidbits into the minds of the people that created them. Cookbooks hold tips, tricks and advice that show us what was important to the people of that time. If a cookbook has menus in it, even better! It shows us what was thought of as important or popular to serve at a meal during say, the turn of the century.

Cookbooks developed over time giving us insights into world, regional or local cuisine. As times changed, cookbooks changed too. During the 1930s, the cookbooks were not the same as the 1940s or 50s. As food commercialism rose, many companies put out their own cookbooks promoting and advertising their products. Many of these recipes are still with us!

One classic example of how much a cookbook can reflect where it comes from, are the many cookbooks that small towns, colleges, churches and cities create for special events. Maybe you have one of these paper spiral bound little books? These hold the flavor of that place like nothing else. Many families have put together cookbooks of family recipes which is an excellent way to bring a family together. Passing on the recipes that we love is so key to tying generations together! I know how I love and treasure the cookbook of family recipes from my grandmother that my aunt put together for me!


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