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Amusement Park Eats

Why does food taste so good at an amusement or theme park? Maybe it’s all the excitement in the air flavoring and spicing the food? But where did the idea of amusement or theme parks come from? 

The inspiration for theme parks reaches back to the World’s Fairs that were popular at the turn of the century. These expositions drew thousands of people, but they only lasted several months to a year at the most. When entrepreneurs saw the appeal that the World’s Fairs had on people, the idea of a theme park was born. Though the concept took some time to catch on, by the mid-century theme parks had hit their stride and were here to stay.

And of course, it naturally came to be that if you have a bunch of people walking around all day enjoying the entertainment, rides and shows, you will need to feed them. Amusement park food is theme food. Meaning, it fits the amusement park theme and place where you are at. But eating those theme foods is part of the amazing experience of enjoying a theme park!

If you are interested in watching a really fun series on YouTube, Iconic Eats is a great series featuring theme park foods!


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