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Beach Sips and Dips

Beaches are probably one of the oldest and easiest places to go on vacation. As long as you have sun protection and you don’t mind the sand, the beach has a wonderful vibe all its own! There is definitely something that draws people back again and again to the salt air and waves. Gathering by a body of water, whether it be the beach or the lake, has long been a vacation spot for many.

But journeying to the seashore wasn’t a popular pastime until the late 1700s. That’s when doctors began prescribing a change of scenery for health usually to the beach or seaside. There often the wealthy would spend several months “taking the air” and recovering their health. They often brought all of their family or at least several servants so that they could continue to live as they did in their homes. From there, people began to enjoy the beach more often taking picnics, visiting with friends and celebrating.

And beach food is in a class all its own! If you’ve been to the beach even just once, you know it calls for finger foods! Sandwiches and wraps with lots of protein, chips, fruit and cookies were what we always brought to the beach. Seafood is always a good idea of course. Anything that can withstand the heat and sand! 🙂 If you have a cooler, you could include ice cream or popsicles to enjoy. Beach food needs to be light, tropical and salty!

And what about what to drink near the water? If your poolside, all the pina coladas 🙂 And if you’re beach side, try lemonade or coconut water to quench your thirst!

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