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Blueberry Muffins With Lemon Honey Butter

Special days and special occasions call for special foods. For my family, the first day of school was always met with anticipation of new things. New schedules, new books, new pencils, new things to learn.
To start the year off right, I have created this blueberry muffin recipe with help from several cookbooks to give your kids (and you!) a great start to the new school year.
Blueberry muffins may seem quaint. After all, who hasn’t had blueberry muffins before? But when you go out of your way to make something special to mark a special day, even something as simple as a blueberry muffin, that food becomes part of a good memory.
Did you know that for a pretty long time there use to be about six standard types of muffins to enjoy and that was it?! Corn, apple, blueberry, bran, date and oatmeal. That is until the great muffin crazy of the ‘80s and ‘90s came along. Everyone got super excited about this handheld breakfast bread and started dumping all kinds of things into them from applesauce to chocolate chips to nuts to carrots. I wonder if this early fascination with muffins lead partly to the cupcake craze of the early 2000s?
Blueberry muffins are perfect too for celebrating the first day of school as blueberry season is still going on and fresh berries work perfectly in this recipe! They are a scrumptious way to savor the last days of summer and greet the new school year! I suggest serving them with scrambled eggs for a very American-style breakfast. 🙂


What smells so good?”
“Muffins. They’re on account of it’s the first day of school. At the Mcloskeys, I always made muffins for the first day of school.”
Heaven to Betsy by Maud Hart Lovelace


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