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Candy Making (It Can be Easier than You Think!)

Candy making is one of those skills that seems lost to the past. I like to try new things in the kitchen, but even I am still a bit overwhelmed by the candy making process. How do you know if you have stirred the fudge enough? Or boiled the sugar to hard ball stage? Or know just the right moment to start pulling the taffy or add in the nuts and flavorings? Our grandmothers made candy like it was second nature because they were so familiar with it all. But what about their grandaughters? It would be easy to just give up and go buy some candy, but homemade is always better!

There are lots of easy candy recipes out there that don’t call for boiling sugar like homemade chocolate truffles, old-fashioned potato candy or caramel corn. If you are bit braver, you can try making some homemade herbal lolipops or marshmallows.

If you decide to give candy making a try this year, here are some great tips to help you out!

  • Find a recipe that has been tried and tested. 
  • If you are afraid of wasting ingredients if the candy doesn’t turn out, try a smaller trial batch first.
  • Use a really good candy thermometer if you are going to try some more difficult recipes. A good thermometer is a must for accurate temperature reading!
  • Try using your microwave if you have one! Some candy recipes were actually created to be made in the microwave.
  • Use the right and the right amount of ingredients. Some times more or less of an ingredient or the wrong ingredient can mess up your candy making efforts.
  • Use good quality ingredients. This helps the end results taste best!
  • Take advantage of all the special molds, tools and baking utensils that are out there! But also be open to improvising if you have to!
  • Make sure to always properly store your candy so it doesn’t melt or break.
  • Be patient! Candy making takes time. It’s an art so set some time aside and enjoy the process!

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