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Celebrity Cooking: I Love Lucy’s Cake

Food and entertainment seem to fit together perfectly like movies and popcorn! 🙂 If we aren’t enjoying food while we watch a movie, we may find ourselves intrigued by what the actors are eating. Many famous movie and TV scenes have involved food as the main prop.

I Love Lucy is one of the most classic and most-watched shows of the 1950s. It is still beloved today. One of the most famous scenes in all of movie history involved Lucy and Ethel working at a candy factory. Give it a watch below and try not to smile!

Besides being a famous movie star of her time, Lucille Ball was also a wife and mother. Like a lot of actors and actresses, even today, she promoted and shared her favorite brands and recipes. Here is her recipe for a wonderful persimmon cake! It looks delicious and I am planning to give it a try when persimmons are in season again!

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