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Chex Mix™ – The Original Snack Mix?

I think most everyone is familiar with the popular snack mix brand called Chex Mix™. Chex Mix™ was first created by the Ralston Purina company. Yes, a pet food company. The company started making cereal for humans in the early 1900s. The snack mix became very popular in the 1950s with the first original recipe showing up in a LIFE magazine. The 1950s saw a surge in people entertaining in their homes and the new Chex Mix™ made a welcome addition to the appetizer line up. It was the first popular snack mix. Later, the recipe was sold to General Mills.

But Chex Mix™ is not the only snack mix out there. Many other companies jumped on the snack mix bandwagon and created their own versions of snack mixes using many different snacks. You might be familiar with such snack mixes as Bombay mix, bridge mix or trail mix. Snack mixes are so popular because why have one type of snack when you can have three or four? 🙂

I love snack mix! My family has a special recipe that we like to pull out and make during this time of year to enjoy. I remember my grandmother making huge quantities and storing it in tins for when we would all come over during the holidays. If you want to try out the original Chex Mix™ recipe, you can find it here. It’s a little bit different then you might be use to. Maybe you would like to add it to your pre-Thanksgiving snack line up! And if you are interested in a different type of snack mix, check out my story time snack mix!

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