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Coming Up With Your Own Unique Flavors

Did you ever wonder where the different classic combination of flavors came from? Like chocolate and mint. Or orange and lemon. Or sea salt and caramel. Obviously, they are classic flavors because they go together well. But have you ever considered coming up with your own unique flavors? Different combinations of flavors you might not have thought of?

The process of coming up with your own unique flavor profile is actually really simple! The key to combining flavors is to make sure that they all compliment each other nicely. Three flavors max mixed together is usually best, but you can get away with putting together more if they are in the same flavor category or group. Most desserts whether it be ice cream or cake or cookies start with a base flavor. Let’s say chocolate.

Once you have your basic flavor, you add in a secondary flavor. Strawberry perhaps.

Now you could stop here. And you would have a winning combination of chocolate and strawberry. 🙂

But you can take it a step further and add another flavor to your chocolate strawberries.

Maybe rose? Or almond?

Once you have the main idea down, it then becomes really easy to start mixing and matching flavors you have never thought of using together before! Lemon and white chocolate anyone? How about coconut and marshmallow or orange, cinnamon and chili?

Why not try putting together a flavor chart or list to see what flavors you might like to try combining together?

Maybe one of your creative combinations will become your signature flavor! 🙂

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