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One of my most favorite holiday drinks is eggnog! Eggnog is hardly ever served warm today, but it is a holiday beverage that is rich and memorable!

Eggnog has a similar idea to wassail in that it is a spiced beverage, but in the case of eggnog the drink is made with milk, eggs and cream. Nutmeg is the most commonly used spice in eggnog. Alcohol use to be a main ingredient in eggnog most often being brandy, ale or sherry.

Gooseberry Pie the Dance Dinner | The punch consisted of rum or brandy, lemon, water, whipped egg whites ...Eggnog started its life in Medieval Europe and England as posset. Possest was made with warm ale, eggs and figs. It was believed to be an effective cold and flu remedy at the time.

Brought to the New World, eggnog slowly evolved into the drink we know and love today. Syllabubs and milk punch were popular in Colonial America both drinks that used eggs, cream and milk. From these, eggnog became famous.

But what of the name “eggnog”? The egg part is fairly self-explanatory. But “nog” refers to an old English term for beer or perhaps a wooden drinking vessel.

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