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Food as a Theme in Adult Literature

Adult books with food in them are not as common as children’s books with food in them. However, unlike children’s books, adult books often use food as a main character or point of plot in the story. And if an author chooses, they can add in great amounts of detail about the food that their characters partake of. You see this mainly in well-researched historical novels. Here are list of some of my favorite adult books novels with food in them! 🙂


  • Tea Mysteries of Laura Childs
  • Joanne Fluke’s series
  • An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey
  • Hill Top Farm series by Susan Albert Wittig
  • The Hundred Foot Journey
  • A Moveable Feast
  • Vo­ra­cious

In addition, besides reading cookbooks, there are many good non-fiction books out there about food in history or famous chefs and personalities that contributed to our knowledge of the kitchen. Here are few to get you started!


If you have any book recommendations, please share them! I am always looking for a good, new read! 🙂

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