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Food in the Outback

One of the important parts of Australian culture is the sensitivity it has to its native population. Known properly as the Aboriginal Australians, these were the native people living on the continent when the English setttlers arrived. These people found their way to the continent themselves from the surrounding islands. With a special way of life all their own, they still tend to live in what is known as the outback of Australia.

The outback covers much of unpopulated Australia. It tends to be dry, arid and desert-like and houses such fascinating places as the Ayers Rock. Different, but similar to what Australians call the “bush”, it’s a place that needs special skills to survive in.

In Australia, the food that the native people and ranchers ate to survive in the outback was called “bush tucker”. This was a mix of native plants and foods and whatever was easy for the settlers and ranchers to haul in with them from the more populated port cities. The local flora and fauna offered much to even out the diet if you knew what to look for.

A sampling of what that bush tucker that was shared around the campfires at night might include was damper (camp bread), witchetty grubs, desert limes, quandong berries and tea made with lemon myrtle. 

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