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Fruit Pies – Fried or Otherwise

When most people think of pie, it’s fruit pies that come to their mind first. Maybe apple pie. Or peach, blueberry, cherry or strawberry. You can take just about any kind of fruit and stick it in a pie. Fruit pies have always been the number one pies throughout history from the tables of kings to the humble threshing tables of the prairie.

It’s fine to stick to just one type of fruit in a pie, but combining different fruits makes for more interesting flavors! Maybe apple blueberry? Or blackberry peach? Combing herbs with fruit adds a unique twist too and can help bring out the fruit flavors. Cinnamon always goes with apple, but try adding lavender to blueberry or a dash of almond to the cherry pie. Or how about adding tea to some of the liquid of the pie for a subtle hint of flavor?

One type of fruit that sometimes gets forgotten in the fruit basket for pies is citrus! Lemon meringue and key lime are favorites but have you tried making a grapefruit pie yet? And don’t forget tropical or exotic fruits like pineapple, coconut, guava and banana!

Making a good fruit pie can be a little tricky! Some fruits are extra juicy and others need a little help. One of the most favorite ways to make fruit pies in the South is to fry them! Of course 🙂 But even if you aren’t frying the fruit pie, here are a few tips to help make your fruit pies the best they can be!

  • To keep a fruit pie from having a soggy bottom, always remember to blind bake the crust
    first for at least a few minutes.
  • For fruit pies, a thicker crust then normal is a good idea to hold up to the juicy fruit.
  • If possible, consider cooking your fruit filling first before putting it in the pie shell.
  • Use a good thickener for the fruit filling like tapioca, cornstarch or flour.
  • Make sure you are using the right size pie plate recommended in the recipe.

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