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Grandma’s Recipes – Peach Pie

Some of the most stuffed recipe sections of my grandmother’s recipe box are the dessert sections. And I can’t say that my own handwritten cookbook is any different 🙂 As humans, we love sweet things and that has not changed from generation through generation down through the ages!

One of the dessert recipes that caught my eye as I looked through the dozens that my grandmother has, was this incredibly easy peach pie. Peaches mean summer to me. Their delicious flavor is only enhanced by the flaky pie crust and sweet sauce I think!

This recipe is simple in its instructions and guidance and assumes that you know what you are doing in the kitchen 🙂 Use whatever pie crust you would like, homemade or store bought. Your peaches need to be large and juicy for this pie to work. If they are not, mix the flour, sugar and spice with a little bit of hot water (about 1/4 cup or so) to help make the sauce. Lastly, don’t be afraid to add some extra spice. I loved the nutmeg with the peaches, but I also sprinkled on a little cinnamon too.

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