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Hygge and Food ~ Denmark

Several years back, the culture of Denmark made waves in popular culture because of their focus on hygge. If you have never heard of hygge before, it roughly translates into English as “cozy, contented comfort”. It’s a way of life that emphasizes family, being together and the simple joy of being present in the moment. Simple pleasures like candles and comfortable clothes, blankets and pillows are major parts of this lifestyle. And hygge doesn’t have to be for the wintertime! Since hygge is a lifestyle for the Danish, it applies to everything year around.

Food, of course, plays a huge part in Danish culture and hygge specifically. Setting the stage for comfort is different for everyone but the Danish people love to include food in their cozy living. The hygge of food for the Danish people has a lot to do with the flavor. Is it cozy for you? Comforting? Does it make you feel nostalgic?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the famous Danish butter cookies for instance. But the Danish people also enjoy other comfort foods such as rye bread, porridge, roasted meats, hearty soups and rice puddings. If you are looking to add a little comfort to your life, here are some hygge inspired food ideas:

  • Enjoy the fresh fruit of the season like berries, peaches or rhubarb
  • Take the time to make cinnamon rolls
  • Create open faced sandwiches with different spreads, breads, meats, veggies and cheeses
  • Try adding fresh herbs to your salads
  • Make overnight oatmeal and enjoy a morning oatmeal bar
  • Try making some Danish inspired cookies
  • Check out a Scandinavian inspired cookbook
  • Plan a potluck with friends
  • Try out the refreshing herbal flavors of elderberry, lingonberry or strawberry in your next cocktail

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