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Ice Cream and Soda?

Have you ever wondered why we put ice cream in our soda? And why milkshakes and ice cream sodas are considered such a treat? Surprisingly, Prohibition in the 1920s lead to America’s love of ice cream. At the same time that beer and alcohol were disappearing, ice cream was becoming more popular. This was mainly because it could now be mass produced with better refrigeration.

Many bars and taverns were turned into soda fountains and ice cream parlors. This led to the invention of the first ice cream soda as well as the sundae. Ice cream was even considered a health food!

At an old-fashioned soda fountain, ordering a drink was only half the fun. The interesting names that the drinks came with could leave you guessing what was in them! Here are a few of the most popular drinks, but each soda fountain often had its own names for drinks!

  • Buster Brown = Half chocolate ice cream, half pineapple ice cream with caramel nut sauce
  • Purple Cow = Vanilla ice cream and grape juice
  • Catawba Flip = Same as the Purple Cow, but add an egg
  • Black Cow = Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream with root beer
  • Brown Cow = Vanilla ice cream, Coca-Cola, chocolate syrup
  • White Cow = Vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and milk
  • Egg Cream = Chocolate syrup, milk, crushed ice and carbonated water (Sometimes one whole egg 🙂
  • Chocolate Malt = Chocolate ice cream, milk, vanilla extract, malted milk powder, chocolate syrup
  • Lime Rickey = Lime juice and club soda 
  • Cherry Phosophate = Acid phosophate, club soda, cherry syrup and lemon juice


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