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Introducing the History Teas!

I felt like finishing this month of side dishes from my grandmother’s recipe box off with a surprise! I am excited to announce that I have designed and blended a line of History Teas using the amazing Adagio Tea company!

For the next three weeks, five tea new teas will be appear here on my website for you to enjoy! Each of the teas is centered around a time in history. So, you can literally, sip your way through the ages 🙂 And who knows what other flavors may be next! If you have a time period in history that you love and want a tea designed around, let me know! I would love new ideas!

I look forward to sharing these teas with you as I had such fun designing the blends! Go to this page here to see the first five teas!

And stay tuned for next month’s posts as we finish off this summer of my grandmother’s recipe box collection with dessert!

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