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It’s A Specialty!

If you were thinking of going to culinary school, one of the aspects you might consider is the specialization you might like to go into. Just like in the medical field where you can specialize in healing a certain part of the body, cooking and baking have their specialized fields too. 

In fact, in history, schools of cooking and baking use to be even more specialized than they are now. You could go to school just to learn how to work with chocolate or pastry. In the Medieval Ages, Germany had a whole guild around gingerbread. French cuisine trained chefs were highly sought after in the Edwardian Age as the French cuisine was deemed very in vogue.

Today, there are specialized cooking schools for pastry and cooking, but if you dig a little you will realize that there are just as many specializations out there now! You can specialize in vegan or Thai food, work in nutrition, become a personal chef, or learn how to cook for a special diet like Keto. You can even attend a bartender’s school! If there is something you are interested in, there is probably a course out there to learn about it!

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