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Modern Tastes and Touches

Coffee moved smoothly along to take its place as a common beverage after the World Wars. The 1970s saw a rise in coffee as an established part of American culture. The first,  famous Starbucks coffee shop was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Its name was inspired by the classic tale Moby Dick. Coffee shops began to fill the American dining landscape after that with coffee being served everywhere from department stores to diners.

When the early 2000s rolled around, coffee began to take on its own culture much like wine. Special blends, growth in diverse places of coffee cultivation, new brewing methods and decaffinated coffees all arrived during this time. If you have ever heard of bullet-proof coffee, the special pour-over method or even latte-art, then you know how far coffee has come. Buying and roasting your own coffee has become very popular as well. Some people enjoy the superior taste of freshly roasted and ground coffee to the pre-ground found on grocery store shelves. Coffee shops have taken on unique vibes and styles of their very own.

Coffee has come a long way since the Arabian desert. With coffee in everything from our baked goods to our cosmetics to our cups, this drink is definitely here to stay! What’s your favorite way to enjoy your daily cup?

The first Starbucks coffee shop

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