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Movie: The Cookbook

There has been a huge uptick recently in movie, book and tv show cookbooks. People love to immerse themselves in their favorite imaginary worlds. What better way to do that than with a cookbook full of favorite foods that the characters may have enjoyed? Everything from Star Wars to Disney classics to Jane Austen and her world, there are a lot of wonderful options out there! I love themed cookbooks myself!

Did you know that this new cookbook craze is not new though? Back in the 1950s, the tv show and celebrity cookbooks trend saw its beginning with entertainers like the Patridge family, the Andy Griffith show and professional celebrity chefs like Julia Child, put out cookbooks with delicious themed recipes.

People have always enjoyed trying out and tasting what the celebrities are eating. Celebrity cookbooks are plentiful with many famous actresses having several cookbooks to their name.

Do you have a favorite cookbook from a favorite chef or actress? Do you like the trend of literature and movie themed cookbooks?

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