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On the Boardwalk…

The boardwalk is one of those places that has a hazy, vintage feel in most people’s minds. It was a very early form of the amusement park. Before, the 1960s saw Disney World and the rise of the massive theme parks, Americans had to search about for other ways to enjoy some entertainment. TVs weren’t invented yet and you had to go to a movie theater to see the lastest shows, so your best chance at entertainment was out of doors. There were fairs, state and local, that you could attend. There were dances, suppers, traveling circuses, the beach and … the boardwalk.

Boardwalks could be found all over the United States where land met water, but the most famous boardwalks were found in the North. People coming out of the big cities like Philadelphia and New York found their way to the ocean. That’s where the boardwalk sprang up. The most famous boardwalk still around in America is Coney Island.

Needless to say, the food at the boardwalk was decidely fair and ocean inspired! Foods like pizza, lobster rolls, fried seafood, burgers, hot dogs and french fries were the main courses. For dessert, gelato, funnel cakes, salt water taffy, ice cream and fudge are long time favorites! Since a lot of these foods are finger foods, it made it easy to eat while you walked around and enjoyed the sites and games.

And if you need a little vintage summer music to add to your playlist, I love this boardwalk inspired song 🙂


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