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Picnic Etiquette

Is there any etiquette at a picnic other than don’t take more than your fair share and pick up your own trash? 🙂

Picnics have a very broad definition now. From Southern barbecues, to Fourth of July picnics to New England clam bakes on the beach or a spread in an orchard, picnics can be very formal or very laid back. Picnics can even be done indoors during the winter time if you get creative!

Even with the diverse options though, yes, there are a few rules of etiquette for a picnic! Here are a few tips!

  • Make sure that you chose a spot for your picnic blanket out of direct sun. Shade is always best.
  • Keep your feet away from the picnic basket and food.
  • Serve the food right away once you have arrived at your destination and chosen your picnic spot.
  • Bring along a garbage bag and make sure to leave the area you used better than you found it.
  • If you are at a picnic ground, make sure to use only the table that you need. 
  • Try to avoid serving smelly or messy foods.
  • Don’t talk or play music to loudly. Be considerate of others.
  • Bring all the utensils that you will need or cut up the food ahead of time.

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