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Putting Together a Themed History and Literature Party

I think one of the best ways to experience a time period of history is to have a party! Why not have a history and literature themed party during these long, cozy winter days? Everyone could bring their favorite story and read a selection from it or you could take a time period of history and read stories set during that time. If you can find stories based around that time period that involve food, all the better!
And it doesn’t have to be a huge party that takes weeks to plan like a Titanic era dinner party complete with Edwardian dress, dishes and manners. It could be a simple afternoon tea spotlighting Jane Austen’s stories, a children’s party decorating gingerbread houses as Hansel and Gretel is read aloud or a picnic on the beach with fare from Treasure Island. Coconut mango smoothies served in a huge tankard sound good right about now on this bleak winter day!

Pick a theme or book to spotlight and get started! Here are some tips and steps to help get your creative juices flowing!

  • Decorate your house using inspiration from the book or time period you are using. Try using books as the decorations too!
  • Obviously, you will want to theme the food! This is a great time to try out new recipes 🙂
  • If you love dressing up in costume, then this is your chance to have fun!
  • Find a game or craft that the characters from the book would have enjoyed or that is found in that time period of history.
  • Play trivia using random facts from the book you are spotlighting and the time period of history.
  • Have each guest pick a name of a character from the book or period of history you are spotlighting and go by that name for the rest of the day!

If you need more inspiration, I recommend Bryt’s amazing website with literature themed parties!

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