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Sipping the Season of Good Cheer

Have you ever noticed how this season of celebration is full of delicious hot drinks that only make their appearance during this time? The festive season brings a reason to celebrate. And with that spirit of good cheer comes good food and drink.

 Holiday Tea AdFood is always front and center during the holiday season. Our memories are wrapped up in the delicious flavors that we remember from year to year. But holiday drinks have a special place too. They are the beverages that keep us warm during long winter nights and that add a note of comfort to the cold.

Many cultures have their own special drinks that only appear during the holiday season. Many times these drinks have special spices or other often expensive ingredients in them. Sometimes the drinks have been prepped throughout the year to be enjoyed only during the festive season. Alcohol is popular in many of these drinks with everything from wine to fruit brandies to rum being enjoyed.

Many of these drinks grew out of old traditions from the certain culture where they are enjoyed. From Mexico to Italy to England, warm drinks are welcome at this time of year. Many people wouldn’t think of celebrating without these drinks featured on their holiday table!

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