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Swedish Delights

Because of the prevalence of the IKEA™ company around the world, a lot of people are at least somewhat familiar with the food of Sweden. From the sweet Swedish fish to the famous meatballs, Sweden has made an impact on the world with its food.

Like the rest of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden’s food is hearty and comforting. And though meatballs may be their national dish, the Swedes eat a lot of fish like salmon and herring. Swedish cuisine is more than meat and potatoes though. The Swedes love fresh flavors too which is why the open faced sandwiches started in this country.

The most famous bread in Sweden is known as crispbread. This bread is hard and round like a cracker. The oldest recipe for it dates back to 500 A.D. ! You can find crispbread at another important Swedish invention – the smorgasbord. Smorgasbord literally means “butter board” and is a buffet style meal with cold cuts, cheeses, breads, relishes and salads.

Besides crispbread, the Swedes are excellent bakers with such wonderful desserts as princess cake, St. Lucia buns, pepparkaka (like ginger snaps) and semlor. The Swedish people are great lovers of sweets and have a national tradition of enjoying sweets, mainly candy, every Saturday.


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