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The Comforts of Tea

Tea has always been a wonderful part of my life. My parents were tea drinkers instead of coffee early on and they introduced me to the world of tea when I was young. I have always loved tea. It means everything peaceful, comforting, elegant and cozy to me.

This month as the weather-wild month of March transitions us from winter to spring, I think taking a look at this classic beverage would be interesting. When it is rainy, chilly and windy outside, there is nothing quite like curling up inside with a hot cup of tea.

Tea has a very long and very storied history. It has so many varied forms to suit any mood and amazing health properties that we are only starting to understand and use. To take the time to sip a cup of tea is a way to slow down during our busy lives and days.

Tea is also a wonderful example of how a food or herb can be used in more than one way to make our lives more enjoyable and full. It has found its way into so many things from food to literature to bath and body products and crafts. If you have never heard of tea-staining for example, it’s quite unique and an easy and amazing process!

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? – how did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” – Rev. Sydney Smith from Lady Holland’s Memoir

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