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The Dessert from Down Under

If there is one dessert with an interesting story, its the pavlova. For a long time Australia and New Zealand have disagreed with which country invented this tasty dessert, but I’m just glad it was invented! 🙂

Picture of Anna PavlovaIt was the 1920s and going to the theater, the ballet or a concert was the height of fashion. Much like going to the movies today, people followed the career of their favorite ballet dancers, theater actors and actresses and music artists with just as much zeal and interest. Around 1926, the famous Russian prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova, visited Australia and New Zealand with her ballet company. The Australians and New Zealanders were enthralled. As the story goes, this dessert was invented in her honor to resemble the white full tutu that Anna wore on stage.

Now using sweetened egg whites on or for dessert is an old European tradition. Meringue was often used to top puddings or to make cookies. But pavlova is a little bit different than meringue. Since cornstarch is added it gives the egg white a more fluffy, marshmellow texture. This holds up well to syrups, fruit and even creams to be added on top.

Now, this might seem like a dessert that is a bit fussy, but let me assure you that it’s really quite a simple dessert once you get the hang of it! It takes some time, but it looks amazing and elegant and is super versatile! Have you made pavlova before?

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