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The First Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters have a rather interesting and unusual history. The first cookie or small cake molds were made in late medieval Germany. These molds were generally made of wood though and not metal.

Old Tin Star Cookie Cutter...

The legend is that one Germany woodcarver decided that adding some metal to the wooden mold might make it cut better and the cookie cutter was born.

In early America, cookie cutters were very popular. They were most often made out of copper or tin and came in an incredible amount of shapes and sizes from birds to hearts to eagles, horses and stars! Often these were made out of bits of scrap metal.

By the late 1800s, cookie cutters could be found in almost every kitchen and were often given away by companies as advertisements. And if you didn’t have a cookie cutter, a regular drinking glass always worked great! Collecting and displaying cookie cutters has become a wonderful way to add some folk decor to your home!

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