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The Royal Table

In a way that perhaps Americans will never understand, what the king and queen wants for dinner is very important. Here in America, our presidents have their favorite foods, but rarely do they influnce what the rest of America choses to eat. In England, what the royalty enjoy often influnces and becomes a part of popular English culture. For example, Queen Victoria had a huge influence on what was enjoyed in her empire and even far beyond it!

The royal English family have many rules that they must follow with what they can and can not eat. They are not allowed to eat shellfish and the late Queen Elizabeth was renowned for hating garlic.

If there is a particular brand, drink or food that the royal family enjoys, they often present it with a royal warrant of appointment. This is a great honor to the company that produces the food enjoyed. It means it is the queen, prince, or princess’ favorite brand of their favorite food. To serve and supply the royal family and having an exclusive right to do so is very special.

And as the United Kingdom prepares to crown a new monarch this year on May 6, here’s a video of the one of the past queen’s favorite cakes!

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