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To Your Health: Chicken Soup

One historical food always comes to mind when I think of “food as medicine”. That is chicken soup! Chicken soup has been around as long as domesticated fowl have been. So long in fact, that it has taken on a life and history all its own! Many cultures have their own versions of chicken soup. Some of them have become regional specialities. The Chinese add ginger, the Mexicans add chile and Americans stuff theirs with vegetables. The Jewish people have a long history with chicken soup so much so that it is sometimes called “Jewish penicillin”.

Chicken soup is very warm, nourishing and comforting, especially when you are sick. Fortunately, it has also been studied and found to have acutal healing properties! It was found to help the symptoms of the common cold and respiratory system problems by being mildly anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It helps with hydration and is easy to digest. It really boosts the immune system overall!

Chicken soup is one of those recipes that is easy to fix and easy to customize! You can make it very basic or fill it with all kinds of herbs, spices and veggies! One thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the soup and the chicken and veggies that go into it is what gives it its healing properties. Here is a great old-fashioned recipe to try! I’m looking forward to making chicken soup often this fall and winter 🙂

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