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“Vintage” Cakes

Everything “vintage” is suddenly very popular right now. We like vintage books, furniture and clothing. So why not vintage food? Especially “vintage” cakes.

Vintage cakes are cakes that have been tried and tested. They are loved and requested over and over again. They can be dressed up or down for the occasion and are very satisfying.

But what do we mean when we say “vintage”? Usually, we mean food from a different time period normally from the last century. I personally love cake, but I don’t really see how food can be “vintage”. Food is something that we eat all the time so I like to think that when we say “vintage” food, we really mean “vintage” recipes.

If you are interested in reading a wonderful history cookbook about vintage cake, I highly recommend this book:

And this book, by an English author, is also one I have had in my collection for awhile and is one of my favorites:

Vintage Cakes: Tremendously Good Cakes for Sharing and Giving by [Jane Brocket]

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