Why Food History?

This website is all about food history. Simple enough.
“But food history?” you may be thinking, “What is so interesting about that? Food is food, right?”
Well, yes, of course. But like any good novel, the main character comes with an interesting history or back story. In this story, food is our character of interest.
Food history, for me, has become something of a passion. I found as I studied more and more about the origins of some of our favorite foods and recipes, that the topic of food history is not dull and lackluster like dusty, dry day-old bread, but tasty and fascinating! It is a captivating way of bringing history to life.
Besides, man’s history on this planet Earth is closely tied up with the food we eat and if the past is any indication of the future, we can all plan on a continued long and loving relationship. 🙂
I started this website simply to share all the wonderful and amazing facts that I have learned and gleaned over my short foray into food history. And try my hand at some of the recipes I find along the way. I am no historian, baker or chef and though I do research as best as I can on any given topic, there is always more to learn! I hope you will join me in this delicious journey!
Each month has a theme, anything from apples to Great Depression recipes, to salads, holiday drinks, old-fashioned diets to cookies, etc. that I will be exploring and writing about. I don’t promise you won’t get hungry, but I do promise that you will learn something about your food that you never knew before!

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