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What About the Farm?

Since before America was even a country, farming and agriculture was the way of life for just about everyone. Whether it was on a small subsistence family farm or a plantation, agriculture was the biggest driving force of the economy. And farming was the number one profession of most men. Most of our presidents, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, started out as farmers and plantation owners as they united and grew the colonies into a country that had much to contribute to the world.

Because America was such a large country, there was plenty of room for people to spread out and settle on a piece of land they could call their own. To help farmers, other industries were developed like the railroad and meat packing industries. Immigrants brought new ways of farming and unusual plants to grow. Ranches sprung up in the west and Americans learned where the best places were to grow different crops in the country. 

America continued primarly as a rural, farming country until the turn of the century. The 1900s saw the beginning of easier methods of farming as more people began to leave the farm for city jobs. New, more efficient farming equipment was developed and by World War II, large scale farming was taking place. Victory gardens were encouraged though! 🙂

Though most of us no longer live on a farm and many of us are very far removed from everything that encompasses farm life, it doesn’t make the farm any less important. Farmers are still the ones that put food on most everyone’s table. Without the farms, there would be nothing for us to buy in the grocery stores. Small scale, urban and organic farming have become increasingly popular. Farmer’s markets are seeing a rise.

If you are anything like me, farming has always been a dream for you! Reaching back into the past and connecting with the land again is a very powerful way of living. And even if you can’t farm, you can keep a few plants on a windowsill or at least strive to eat with the seasons. There is so much unexplored bounty all around us!

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