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What is Historical Cooking?

To begin with, in a way, all cooking is historic cooking as many of the recipes we use everyday have been passed down for generations.

However, the basic idea behind actual historical or history cooking comes from trying out old recipes that are not used anymore or that include ingredients that are not commonly eaten today. 

So, how do you get started in historical cooking and baking? The best way that I have found is to pick a food that you love and find out more about it! Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Then try finding the original old recipe and give them a try! Asking questions and being curious is the key.
And the recipe doesn’t even have to be very far back in history either! How about your grandmother’s recipes that no one in your family seems to remember how to make?

Colonial Williamsburg cooking

There are so many time periods of food that you can explore too! America has had many amazing time periods of food such as the Colonial days, Civil War and the Roaring Twenties, but other countries of the world have just as many interesting time periods of history and food as well! Besides the food itself, there were often new inventions happening all the time that changed the course of food as we know it. The invention of baking powder in the mid-1800s for instance changed the way many people baked.

Historical cooking can usually involve a lot of research and trial and error, but it is also amazingly rewarding and fun! I wish more people took the time to go on their own culinary adventures into the past!

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