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What’s the Point of a Menu?

Happy January and welcome to the New Year! Have you got your resolutions written up yet? Me neither. I don’t think I will do any this year. Or maybe I’ll try to gather my vague, nebulous ideas into some sort of plan some time this month. I like to use the whole month of January as a planning month.

If you have your resolutions ready to go, good for you! May I add another one to your list that you might not have considered? Menu planning. Many people resolve to try out a diet or eat healthier at the start of the New Year. Having a menu can fast track you to your goals! This month is going to be all about menus and menu planning and I can’t wait to share with you all the tidbits and ideas and tricks that I have discovered!

But what is the point of a menu if you are like me and stick to it for maybe a week or two and then start winging it again? Winging it is fine and fun sometimes, until you realize you only have frozen spinach and peanut butter in the house for dinner. Having a menu can make sure that you have at least some sort of game plan for your meals.

If you are still unsure if using a menu is for you, here are a few things to consider about how sticking to a menu can help in your every day life:

  • It can save you money since you know what you are shopping for and how much it will be. That saved money can then go to something else!
  • Helps you eat more healthy. And if you have a special diet or other dietary needs, it can help you stick to that.
  • It saves time from you wondering every night around 5, “What’s for dinner?”
  • Makes life a little less stressful when you know what you are having to eat and what you need to prepare it.
  • Gives you a chance to try out new recipes by putting them on a day that you know you will have extra time. Planning creativity!
  • Let’s you plan ahead for company or special dinners or meals without rushing at the last moment.

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